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  • How to apply to be an exhibitor at China Wind Power 2022?Please click [Book Booth] directly to fill in the reserved booth information online. Or directly contact the exhibition registration hotline: 010-88558132/010-88558115.
  • What is the participation price of China Wind Power 2022?Please call the conference organizing committee Beijing CCID Exhibition Co., Ltd. to inquire
    Tel: 010-88558132/010-88558115.
  • Where can I download the application form for participation?To download the application form, please click here.
  • What is the minimum booth area?The minimum booth area is 9 square meters.
  • What is the configuration of the standard booth?Configuration: a square inquiry table, a round negotiation table, three folding chairs, a 220V power supply, a trash can, two spotlights, carpet, Chinese and English fascia board characters, cleaning during exhibition.
  • When is the deadline to register for the exhibition?If you are willing to sign up for the exhibition, you can contact the organizing committee before the exhibition to confirm whether there is a suitable booth. Contact number: +86 10 88558132/+86 10 88558115.
  • What other related events will be held at CWP2022 and when will they be held?The 2022 International Wind Energy Conference will be held concurrently with the CWP2022 exhibition (November 24-26). The conference is composed of policy and market forum, entrepreneur forum and technology forum. Tel: +86 10 88558131.
  • In addition to participating in the exhibition, what other publicity methods are available at CWP?The conference provides online and offline promotion and sponsorship forms. For details, please call the conference organizing committee +86 10 88558121.
  • How to cooperate with the media?Please call the conference organizing committee +86 10 88558104.
  • What way can I get the content of the CWP2022 forum?Follow CWP2022 official WeChat account.(WeChat account:CWPBEIJING),click the menu at the bottom of the page [Micro official website]-[Conference schedule].
  • From which entrances can exhibitors enter the exhibition hall? Exhibitors can enter from Gate 1.
  • After the small exhibits are delivered to the exhibition hall by courier or Logistics Company, how do you receive the goods when the exhibitor is not on-site?Exhibitors can contact the transportation company designated by the organizer in advance and inform them of the exhibits, express delivery or Logistics Company. The transportation company designated by the organizer will be responsible for picking up the goods during the move-in period. After the exhibitors arrive at the exhibition hall, they will go through the delivery procedures.
  • Who can I contact if I have other questions?Here you can find the contact information of Beijing CCID Exhibition Co., Ltd.Click here.